Sky Gnome

A Sky GnomeThe newly launched Sky Gnome is a rounded pyramid that looks like a clock radio and enables one to listen to any channel on Sky remotely.

According to the FAQ (which I can’t link to because it’s embedded in a stupid flash movie) it can transmit up to 30 meters if you want to be able to use a remote control to change the channels and up to 100m in total without the sound degrading.

It contains a battery that runs for about 8 hours that gets charged from the supplied docking station which is where I guess the transmitter sits.

I think it’s a fantastic idea: In the Beale household Radio is on in the Kitchen most of the time and I’ve been looking at ways that I could get to listen to footie upstairs in my office when I’m working or in the garden without having to rely on 5 Live on medium wave. With this little thing I’ll be able to listen to Match of the Day, Sky Sports and 5 Live in digital quality without having to shell out on a second DAB radio.

At the time of writing they are £69.99 and I want one.

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