18. My Evening Routine

I have a morning routine that I’ve worked on these past 18 months.

It can look a bit extreme, but it’s just an hour and a half that I use to prepare myself for the day ahead.

I now rely on that time and feel disorganised if it doesn’t happen (though I can’t recall the last time this was).

By contrast my evening routine is more flexible. I’m tired, I’ve been on the go all day and I’m not a robot.

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17. Always Be Exercising

This is a personal post, an actual note to self; a reminder.

Last week was pretty tough.

I’ve felt the physical effects of stress again, my ‘stress related somatoform pain‘. Nowhere like the bad old days where it was a constant, but definitely there; the first time in over 6 months. The headaches, the sinus pains, tinnitus and the physical sensations in my chest and face, the full caboodle.

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15. Half-time Q & A Session

So we’re 15 days into the challenge.

15 posts written, including today.

I didn’t think I’d get this far and I’m still not sure I can keep the pace up to the end. It definitely feels like an endurance event!

Anyway, Marc came up with the idea for today’s post on the 30DWC Slack channel; I think to give us a rest maybe.

We’re copying some of Tim Ferris’ stock questions that he asks the guests to his podcast.

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14. My Everyday Bag

By bag & stuff. Click to expand

My bag with its contents spilled out

I quite like those pictures of people’s bags and their contents that sometimes get tweeted about. It’s slightly voyeuristic, but also you get ideas for practical stuff to keep with you at all times.

So, in what is officially my second Filler PostTM for #30DWC  I thought I’d share details about my bag, albeit without an amazing photo and the intricate numbering that some provide.

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13. Superpower

Rare OK Instagram photo of mine

Rare OK Instagram photo of mine

There’s an advert you see on the tube and elsewhere of  woman yawning and – I think – the strap-line is something like ‘Tired of being tired?’

That is my 30s summed up in one sentence, right there.

At the time put it down to having baby twins, to having just started a business and to working all hours.

Whilst that definitely didn’t help and it was a pretty gruelling time I now know that for comparison I felt like that now, in my 40s too. Waking up tired. Yawning all through the day, getting to about 2pm and almost nodding off at my desk.

Needing a power-nap to recharge and this is after I’d dropped the work load (through necessity, my body gave up) and my kids now not only slept through the night but got themselves up, fed themselves breakfast and even made us the odd cup of tea.

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12. Not Good With Languages

It was touch and go whether I’d post anything today. I’ve spent most of the day in meetings or driving across the country and am now at a hotel, dog tired.

I also have a new thing to try to cram into my schedule and that’s some coding for a side project, the first time I’ll be cutting code for a few years.

I had planned to do an hour hacking before hitting the sack and for a spit second I thought to myself “It’s OK, coding is like writing, right?”.

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