One week in

So, I've lived 'in the country' for a week week now and I can't say that I miss London that much.

My summary of the past week is as follows:

  • Living out of boxes really sucks
  • The kids are pretty hyper. They've spent the past 3 years in nursery most of the time and now they have to hang out with their parents all day, every day, it must be weird for them
  • We've a much bigger garden; mowing the lawn takes a long time and you HAVE to do it else it gets longer and then it takes even longer but is also much harder work
  • I've been to the post office in the villiage* 3 times and have not had to queue yet
  • Cathie got an appt to see doctor the same day and wasn't kept waiting for ages</li>
  • We messed up on the dates and turned up at the dentisit for check-up/registration a day early. “Never mind” and they saw us there and then rather than us having to come back
  • Everyone drives s l o o o o w l y
  • I have wild rabbits in my garden (hmmmm pie) and I saw a grass snake just now
  • Got got an accountant for Siftware, got Exchange working and have all my gear fully plugged-in. Main jobs now are to finish off the company set-up and get the website finished. At which point I'll start trying properly to get some contract work

*Actually Upton-upon-Severn is a town but it seems far too tiny to be anything other than a villiage.