Installing Windows Vista Ultimate x64 on a Mac Pro

Here’s a simple how-to for installing Windows Vista Ultimate x64 on a Mac Pro.

  1. Get a Mac Pro. Mine is a 3 month old Quad core (2.66Ghz) Xeon with 4GB Ram and a number of SATA drives.
  2. Install bootcamp (I used beta 1.3) and burn the drivers CD
  3. Install Vista, I did mine to a spare SATA drive that was separate to the OS X drive.
  4. Install drivers (there’s a set-up.exe)
  5. Um, that’s it.

It just worked. Even my Mac bluetooth keyboard and nVidia 7300 GT running 2 widescreen Dell 24″ screens work faultlessly. Kudos to the Bootcamp writers.

/me now a Vista fanboy. It absolutely flies on the superb hardware of the Mac Pro but then it should I guess. I’ve not completely given up on Mac OS X, I at least now have the option to run it, but after three month it was still irritating me and most importantly I wasn’t as productive as I could have been.

  • DG

    why not e.g. ubuntu ?

  • The short answer is it’s what I’m used to and most productive on.

    I ran linux as my only desktop for 18 months around 6 years ago and after that time it started annoying me. I know it’s come on lots since then and have played with the likes of Ubuntu and can see that it seems to Just Work but I’ve given up having time to fart around with computers, compiling kernels etc, these days I just need them to get a job done.

    All operating systems suck anyway.

  • Che

    A your sure what bootcamp 1.3 work on Vista x64?
    at my MacPro some devices as apple bluetooth & ACPI dont work (with yellow exlamation sign), after setup of bootcamp 1.3 🙁
    what kind of bluetooth adapter you have ?

  • Che: I am sure it’s 1.3, Yes.

    Bootcamp 1.3
    Vista x64 Ultimate
    Mac pro quad core 2.66Mhz Xeon 2-3 months old

    No idea what bluetooth radio I have, it’s whatever Apple put in when I bought it.

    Under Vista -> Device manager I have a ‘Generic Bluetooth Radio’ the properties of that say its manufacturer is “Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.”

    I had zero issues installing though when I googled before doing the install I did see that others had some issues (see comments)

  • Che


  • Kieran

    I’ve installed x64 vista ult on my mac pro without bootcamp. I got everything to work except the acpi driver and the keyboard driver.

    I can live with that as this computer is a beast. Vista x64 with 4gb ram and 4 cores… hell, even outlook runs well!

  • Jayden

    Kieran what did you install it with if you didn’t use Boot Camp?