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Canoeing from Loch Morar to Loch Arkaig


I recently came back from my second canoeing expedition in the highlands of Scotland. The first trip was fantastic but felt too short so we vowed to come back again but do it for longer. Fast forward a few years and with a deep yearning to reconnect with the wilderness we (me & Wes) set off from Shropshire on the Thursday morning with our two 16′ Canadian canoes and all our kit in...

Project Management Pain


TL;DR – I can’t find a tool that gives me high level scheduling overview AND individual finer detail on each project going through my little studio. Below I review a bunch of tools that don’t fit my needs. Do you know of something I should check out? Or do you agree there’s a need for something else? Anecdotal advice or ideas welcomed in the post comments. From the very...

Paddling from Loch Morar to Mallaig


I just got back from an epic trip to the highlands of Scotland open canoeing with some mates.
We were prepared for the sort of weather that an October in northern Scotland could throw at us (which the weather forecasts were also suggesting would happen) but on this occasion they got it wrong and we really lucked out.

Buying Land with a Pension


Before I begin let’s get the disclaimer out of the way: I’m not a financial advisor nor am I ‘regulated by the Financial Services Authority’ and your risk profile, circumstances, motivations & world view are likely to be totally different to mine. Do your own research. DO NOT take the following article to be in any way competent financial advice. It’s not...

Darren Beale Web developer & early adopter