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Always Be Exercising


This is a personal post, an actual note to self; a¬†reminder. Last week was pretty tough. I’ve felt the physical effects of stress again, my ‘stress related somatoform pain‘.¬†Nowhere like¬†the bad old days where it was a constant, but definitely¬†there; the first time in over 6 months. The headaches, the¬†sinus pains,¬†tinnitus and the physical sensations in my chest and face, the...

My Everyday Bag


I quite like those¬†pictures of people’s bags and their contents that sometimes get tweeted about. It’s slightly voyeuristic, but also you get ideas for practical stuff to keep with you at all times.
So, in what is officially my second Filler PostTM¬†for #30DWC¬† I thought¬†I’d share details about my bag, albeit without an amazing photo and the intricate numbering that some provide.

Not Good With Languages


It was touch and go whether I’d post anything today. I’ve spent most of the day in meetings or driving across the country and¬†am now at a hotel, dog tired. I also have a new thing to try to cram into my schedule and that’s some coding for a side project, the first¬†time I’ll be cutting code for a few years. I had planned to do an hour hacking before hitting the sack and for...

A Start


I’m slightly cheating here. The first day of Marc’s 30 Day Writing Challenge started when I was sunning myself on a lounger in Morocco (a cheeky 4 day break during Easter) and there was no way that I was motivated to be writing, or indeed thinking, about anything other than when to get another beer. Well, that’s not strictly true, as it was our last day I did allow...

I Believe


I’ve been rather introspective the last couple of years. I’ve purposely kept my head down and have focused on my health, my family and my business; the most important stuff. Whilst I have stuck my head up occasionally to pop the odd post on this blog, the majority of the time I’ve kept my thoughts to myself. This has mostly been due to lack of available bandwidth, but also due...

Dear Conference Organisers, Please Hire Me


TL;DR this¬†is an open letter to people organising conferences in 2016¬†who are looking to fill slots¬†on webbish subjects, tending towards software development, that would be both palatable and valuable to a commercially focused audience.¬†If you’d like to discuss further then please email bealers@siftware.com, or call my office on 0845 680 9676. Also, to my peers in the wider web community:...

The Try Before You (Properly) Buy Standing Desk


Standing desks have been fashionable for a while. When I say a while I mean that¬†they are such old news that it’s now become fashionable to migrate away from them instead. Well, I was still in the “what’s all this fuss about” camp until last week when¬†driving past Ikea Birmingham, on the spur of the moment popped in and bought myself one. You might be thinking that these...

Setting Your Goals in Context


I’ve been thinking a lot about goals this week. Being the middle of the year it’s a great time to be reviewing the few I did set ¬†(I was quite easy on myself for the first half of this year) and looking forward to what I want to achieve in the second half of the year and beyond. As I’ve been¬†converting more general aspirations into firm goals (seeing which ones float to the top...

Putting Some Fire in Your Belly


When I got back from my expedition to Scotland in April I was floating around for a few weeks before my feet properly touched the ground. I was so chill, ever so¬†mellow, nothing could phase me or sour my¬†mood of contentment and connectedness with myself and my world. It’s a phrase that possibly does get over-used but that trip was definitely life changing for me. Lots of things lined up at...

Canoeing from Loch Morar to Loch Arkaig


I recently came back from my second canoeing¬†expedition in the highlands of Scotland. The first trip¬†was fantastic but felt too short¬†so¬†we vowed to come back again but¬†do it for longer. Fast forward a few years and with a deep yearning to¬†reconnect with¬†the wilderness we (me & Wes)¬†set off from Shropshire on the Thursday morning with our two 16′ Canadian canoes and all our kit in...

Darren Beale Web developer, retailer & photographer