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2014 in review: podcasts, blogs, books & conferences


Truth be told I’m really glad to be seeing the back of 2014; let’s just say it has been a challenging year. I appear to have gotten through it mostly intact, though, and I am looking forward to 2015 to see how the changes I’ve been implementing both in my life and my business will play out. One of things I did a lot of this year was look to my peers and see how they were doing...

Make life a side project


Two blog posts in one week, unheard of. That’s what you get when you cram two high-octane conferences into one week: MicroConf Europe in Prague Sunday to Tuesday and then The Web Is in Cardiff, Thursday and Friday. I could write reams about my experiences of both extremely high quality, motivating, thought provoking and at some times very moving events – and indeed I will almost...

The woods are my monastery


TL;DR I’d much rather be in the woods than sitting in front a of a screen all day. I’ve realised this now and will start doing more of it again. Feel free to join me. I’m writing this post from my hotel room in Cardiff where I’m attending conference. I should be heading out to dinner but I feel compelled to put this virtual pen to paper before my thoughts slip back into the relative...

Are you prepared for the long haul?


I had an epiphany this week. In fact it’s been a month or two of epiphanies but this one was particularly important. Embarassingly it’s one of those ‘No Shit Sherlock’ realisations, the ones we all have now and again and then wonder why it wasn’t obvious from the beginning. That epiphany was: Bootstrapping a product or service isn’t going to mean I can quit my...

Be scared, but be careful


Recently Justin Jackson wrote a great post entitled Do things that scare you which really resonated with me. It uses a metaphor of someone dropping off the wall of a half-pipe on a skateboard: It’s scary as hell, because the next step is to commit: you have to force yourself to put weight on your front leg and push down hard. You kind of “scoop” into the ramp. Your brain does not want to do this...

B2C, are you sure?


For as long as I’ve been paying the rent by selling my skills in the web industry I’ve thought that I had a product in me. Back in the late 90’s I was a wannabe .com ‘founder’ working on terrible ideas initially with no clue about business or technology. As I came to grips with the latter and got a proper job I was still working on things in my evenings and weekends; I even went along to some of...

WordPress Naked, approaching 16,000 downloads


One evening in 2007 I got frustrated by once again having to strip out all of the styling from one of the then default WordPress themes (remember Kubrick?) prior to building a client’s site, so I created a simple boiler-plate theme called Worpdress Naked and uploaded it to this blog. Amazingly since then approaching 16,000 people appear to have downloaded it (and that’s only counting...

Are you failing?


Right now I reckon in some way you’re failing at something. I know I am, but I’m Ok with it. Seriously. To succeed you need to have criteria to define the success by. I’m a bit uneasy with the term ‘success criteria’ as it’s a bit too management speak so let’s call these criteria goals shall we? You’ll never know if you are successful if you...



This article was originally posted on The Pastry Box in May 2014. Do you have an itch that you keep meaning to scratch? An idea that just won’t go away but life keeps getting in the way? As hard as you might try you’re never able to carve out enough time to move things forwards? Welcome to the very non-exclusive club. I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you but acts of $deity notwithstanding...

Project Management Pain


TL;DR – I can’t find a tool that gives me high level scheduling overview AND individual finer detail on each project going through my little studio. Below I review a bunch of tools that don’t fit my needs. Do you know of something I should check out? Or do you agree there’s a need for something else? Anecdotal advice or ideas welcomed in the post comments. From the very... Geeking Out Since 1998

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