Hiding Text with OneNote

An entire section of text hidden using the collapse feature

An entire section of text hidden using the collapse feature. Note the small arrow/handle at the top left. Also note the little [+] which can be used to reveal the hidden text.

An often overlooked feature in OneNote is the ability to collapse and expand hierarchical text.

This allows you to free up valuable page space by hiding content that you don’t need to always see.

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Tip To Avoid Procrastination

I keep it short this week: a quick update and thoughts on my coming, time-poor, week.

I then share a very effective tip for avoiding the dreaded P-word: procrastination.

As always if you have any feedback or suggestions then please do get in touch, I’m bealers@siftware.com. I’m @bealers on Twitter and there’s also @knucklingdown on Twitter.

Links from show:

Have a great week!

A full transcript of the show follows below

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How To Deal With Overwhelm

In this episode I run through my Crisis Mode Productivity system that I’ve used successfully in the past when I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed (usually self-inflected because I’d taken on too much!)

It’s a bit longer than I had planned, but I do go through things in detail.

I also mention a blog post by Marc Jenkins: Must avoid at all costs and recommend that you use Sanebox, because it’s awesome.

As always, feedback welcomed: email bealers@siftware.com or you can get in touch via @bealers or @knucklingdown.

There is also a full transcript of the episode available.

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Doing, Aiming & Being Challenge

Doing, Aiming & Being example mindmap

Doing, Aiming & Being example mindmap

This week there’s a quick update from me and then an expansion on my Doing, Aiming & Being challenge for you. There’s 6 months of the year left, do you have an idea of what you want to achieve? If not why not give this short exercise a try and see what comes of it?

If you do give it a go then why not share it with me, I’d love to see it. You can email me, bealers@siftware.com, and I’m at @bealers on Twitter.

I also contradict last week I’ve made my mind up and have decided that I’ll keep the show as Knuckling Down, but simply with shortened episodes. This gives me the option to do the odd long-format episode when I’ve got some more experience (and the time!)

Things are still rough around the edges, but I feel like I’m gaining some momentum and have a long list of things to talk about so I’m feeling confident that things will improve.

A full transcript of the show is available below.

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Accountability Diary or Personal Development Podcast?

It has been a few months!

In this episode I provide a personal update as well as review two books: So Good They Can’t Ignore You and Deep Work, both Cal Newport,

Also, with us being half-way through the year I also leave you with a challenge to consider your goals for the next 6 months.

It’s quite rough around the edges so please bear with me, these will get better!

A full transcript of the show follows below.

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