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Knuckling Down Pilot


So here we are, the pilot of Knuckling Down, I am excited and terrified in equal measure.

In this episode I set my stall out, going through the subjects I intend to cover over the coming months as well as giving my reasons and motivations for launching this show.

There’s a rather toe curling – well, for me at least – 10 minute segment in the middle where I also provide some personal context and describe my recent past, describing how I’ve managed to get over recent health and motivation problems.

It’s all a bit vanilla at the moment with a basic website and (very)  basic editing, as I figure out how to glue all of this together; this is my MVP to see if something like this is of interest to others.

Towards the end of the episode I mention an article by Jessica Able which introduces the concept of Idea Debt. This give me the final nudge to actually ship this before I felt ready. It’s entitled Imagining your future projects is holding you back and is well worth a read.

There are players for both the MP3 or you can also watch a very nervous me talk to myself on Youtube. The show was submitted to itunes a few minutes ago, once that’s live the subscribe links *should* then work.

I hope this is of interest and I actively encourage your feedback, particularly if you have ideas for subject matter to cover or people to approach for interviews. You can get me on twitter (@bealers) or email bealers@siftware.com.


By bealers
Darren Beale Web developer, retailer & photographer