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Knuckling Down Guest Notes


Thanks for agreeing to come on the Knuckling Down podcast.
Knuckling Down is a podcast for web professionals who want to make positive changes to their lives, careers or businesses. It covers a diverse range of topics loosely related to productivity, health and work, so a proportion of the shows should be of interest to most people.

Half-time Q & A Session


So we’re 15 days into the challenge. 15 posts written, including today. I didn’t think I’d get this far and I’m still not sure I can keep the pace up to the end. It definitely feels like an endurance event! Anyway, Marc came up with the idea for today’s post on the 30DWC Slack channel; I think to give us a rest maybe. We’re copying some of Tim Ferris’...

Email Course – rough draft


Today I’m starting to re-purpose old content into an email course aimed at designers and front-end developers. I’ll work on this in the coming days, for instance they need top and tailing, and all content is draft, but I wanted to get the majority of the structure down.
I’ll also likely merge some sections and make the content more friendly.

Sketching out product ideas


Today I’m writing with a work hat on and am sketching out some product ideas. From these I may then expand them out into one or more long-form service offering pages for my website. Premise My company Siftware specialises in providing maintenance & support services to the owners and managers of complex PHP applications. We have been building and maintaining custom PHP applications for...

Serious Bash exploit & fix


There’s a bash exploit doing the rounds that is drop-everything serious. The short version is that it is: related to how environment variables are processed: trailing code in function definitions was executed, independent of the variable name So, a correctly formed command can be used to execute arbitrary code on an affected system; anything running bash. The problem is that Bash is...

Anonymise personal data in a WordPress database


Are you about to get a freelancer to work on your existing WordPress site for you or one of your clients?
Here’s a simple SQL script you can run against your dev database to randomise all the user information EXCEPT a test login before you send it over to them. It will also set that test login’s password to ‘password’.

Tip: keep Vagrant guest additions up to date


I found a handy plugin this weekend for keeping my PHP development Vagrant VM VirtualBox guest additions in sync: vagrant-vbguest `vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest` Every time you do a `vagrant up` it’ll do a check, which might occasionally get annoying if you’re in a hurry, so there’s a config option to disable it on a per-vm basis: `# set auto_update to false, if you do...

Halt all Vagrant/VirtualBox VMs one-liner


If you’re using Vagrant to control your dev VMs on a headless server it’s easy to lose track of the number of running machines.
Here’s a one-liner to gracefully shut-down all of them to free up some resources.
for VM in `VBoxManage list runningvms | awk ‘{ print $2; }’`; do VBoxManage controlvm $VM poweroff; done

Phonegap Android development environment for Windows


Assuming you want to develop HTML5 apps to run on mobile devices using Phonegap/Cordova then the easiest place to start is Android if you’re a Windows user as you don’t need a separate Mac, you don’t even need a device to test on as there’s an emulator.
Anyway, I’ve had to do this three times on various machines now, so here’s a step by step guide for next time! Geeking Out Since 1998

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