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Bloody Freezing – Week(ish) notes 1


As threatened in my end of year review I’m giving the weekly notes format a trial. Admittedly the term ‘week notes’ is not overly accurate given it’s early Feb as I write this but “Notable stuff since the last time I posted” doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. Back on the wagon After a lazy and over-indulgent Christmas I took a few weeks to get back into...

Geek Runners 2018


  A bunch of geeks who work in digital and who also like to run will be entering the¬†May the 4th be with you¬†trail race on, erm, May 4th 2018. It will be held on the stunning Shropshire Hills, kicking off from Carding Mill Valley. The night before I’ll be curating a Shropgeek evening themed loosely around¬†endurance sports, technology and the great outdoors. We have three superb talks...

Flappy Bottles & Sweat


Hello and welcome to autumn. As I said last week, to gain some writing momentum I’m going to simply share what I’ve learnt the previous week as well as anything else that seems relevant to running, fitness or health. I’m playing with the format and may even make it into a proper newsletter, but for now I’ll simply list a bunch of stuff under some headings. I hope something...

On your marks…


I’ve been meaning to start documenting my running & health journey more regularly but the usual trifecta of imposter syndrome, motivation and knowing what to write got the better of me. The thing I have been ¬†most self-conscious about is being another selfie and inspirational quote merchant who doesn’t add that much value. Given my sometimes very unmotivated mental state it felt...

Knuckling Down Guest Notes


Thanks for agreeing to come on the Knuckling Down podcast.
Knuckling Down is a podcast for web professionals who want to make positive changes to their lives, careers or businesses. It covers a diverse range of topics loosely related to productivity, health and work, so a proportion of the shows should be of interest to most people.

Half-time Q & A Session


So we’re 15 days into the challenge. 15 posts written, including today. I didn’t think I’d get this far and I’m still not sure I can keep the pace up to the end. It definitely feels like an endurance event! Anyway, Marc came up with the idea for today’s post on the 30DWC Slack channel; I think to give us a rest maybe. We’re copying some of Tim Ferris’...

Email Course – rough draft


Today I’m starting to re-purpose old content into an email course aimed at designers and front-end developers. I’ll work on this in the coming days, for instance they need top and tailing, and all content is draft, but I wanted to get the majority of the structure¬†down.
I’ll also likely merge some sections and make the content more friendly.

Sketching out product ideas


Today I’m writing with a work hat on and am sketching out some product ideas. From these¬†I may then¬†expand them out into one or more¬†long-form service offering¬†pages for my¬†website. Premise My company Siftware specialises in providing maintenance & support services to the owners and managers of complex PHP applications. We have been building and maintaining custom PHP applications for...

Serious Bash exploit & fix


There’s a bash exploit doing the rounds that is drop-everything serious. The short version is that it is: related to how environment variables are processed: trailing code in function definitions was executed, independent of the variable name So, a correctly formed command can be used to execute arbitrary code¬†on an affected system; anything running bash. The problem is that Bash is...

Anonymise personal data in a WordPress database


Are you about to get a freelancer to work on your existing WordPress site for you or one of your clients?
Here’s a simple SQL script you can run against your dev database to randomise all the user information EXCEPT a¬†test login before you send it over to them. It will also set that test login’s password to ‘password’.

Darren Beale Web developer, retailer & photographer