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Tree planting (practice run)


Getting a brew on[/caption] After our grand tour these past five years, 2013 is¬†family¬†Beale’s year of settling, observing and preparing. ¬†We do have a long list of jobs but we can’t get them all done at once and we know that we need to plan ahead and prioritise rather than get stressed out about a mountain of work. I’ve also been working away a lot (not for much longer though...

Quick access to Windows start-up folder


Want to find your Windows start-up folder to add a new shortcut? Win+E then clicking through Computer -> C: -> Users -> AppData -> iforgetwhereitisthesedays /a> too much of a drag? Try: Win+R then type shell:startup I found a huge list here, most are a bit pointless but cialis online I can see a use for shell:SendTo also. Don't use for launching apps, though. In that case...

Keeping your Dropbox secured


I was building a shared work laptop the other day,¬†something¬†that would be primarily used by me on¬†building¬†sites for system commissioning. As part of the install I had automatically installed Dropbox along with other useful utilities and then¬†suddenly had the¬†thought. “I won't be the only person using the laptop. All my stuff is on here in Dropbox. Also, what happens if the laptop...

Windows 8, where did Programs go?


Just installed Windows 8? Looking for Notepad? Powershell? Windows+R still works, so you could just run the command. Ditto Windows+E to navigate the file system and find it, but in either case that's not really what you're after is it?. You want a menu of everything installed, right? You need the search interface. This brings up a screen with a number of high level menu items the...

Slightly overgrown woods


We’ve been a tad busy at the Beale household recently. Mainly with the housebuild/planning permission episode (another story), deciding to buy a house instead, moving to that house (including the hilarity that ensues when moving from a smallholding with sheep, chickens and barn full of wood/tools/straw into an –¬†admittedly¬†relatively spacious¬†– urban setting) and work taking...

UK Smart Meter Data Access and Privacy without the hype


There’s been a fair bit of press recently on the privacy issues surrounding the UK’s smart meter roll-out – currently in its foundation stage (figuring out how it’s actually going to work) before the official start of the roll out in 2014 – some of it is balanced, some of it less so. The coverage all seems to reference just a handful of reports here, here and here...

Peak or no Peak?


I have not posted about peak oil for a long while, mainly because if people get it, they get it, and if they don’t, or won’t, then they are almost certainly not interested. Either way there’s no point constantly banging a drum.
Well, this week a few articles surfaced that do warrant a further look.

Launchy is awesome


Mention Quicksilver and the more techie OSX users out there will wax lyrical about its ease of use and its powerful features. They have a point! Windows has always been a bit rubbish when it comes to the CLI, even adding Powershell isn’t a huge improvement. So, enter stage left Launchy. Launchy is fantastic. It’s not a full clone of Quicksilver but it does index any folder that you...

Rustic chair


We recently visited Woodfest Wales. It was more Forestry than Woodcraft but still had lots of stalls selling handmade furniture as well as a huge 2nd hand tool area (I had to keep my wallet firmly in my pocket whilst there!). It was family friendly and had lots of interesting things going on so we had a lovely weekend. One of the items of furniture that I kept seeing was a simple slab of hardwood...

Woodland ownership, 1 year on


It has been just over a year since we purchased with our pension – if you’re interested more details below¬†–¬†around 26 acres of marginal pasture (leaning towards wetland) and woodland in Wrexham, North Wales very near the borders with both Cheshire and Shropshire. For the first 6 months we didn‚Äôt do much there. We made a few trips over from mid Wales to start surveying it before...

Darren Beale Web developer, retailer & photographer