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A Productivity Tool Based on OneNote


I’ve been meaning to launch a productivity tool that hooks into Microsoft OneNote for some years now. I got really far a few years back. I taught myself C# and made a good go of writing a windows desktop app which utilised the OneNote COM API to talk directly to notebooks and pull the specific information out that I needed. I was also working on a mobile helper app using Ionic & Cordova...

OneNote on OSX, first impressions


Recently I moved to Apple’s OSX as my primary operating system. It has gone very smoothly with me taking a Macbook Air on holiday (with no work or email loaded onto it!) so I could get used to it and when back I had a few transition days where I did productive work with both old & new machine side by side. One thing I was extremely nervous about was what the brand new OSX OneNote would...

OneNote API and PHP


Recently Microsoft released an API for my brain indexer favourite tool, OneNote.
To say I’m excited by the opportunities presented with this API, especially when it has some more features, would be an understatement. What’s really promising is how open the dev team are being about the API’s progress and out how quickly they are rolling new stuff out.

Unable to programmatically download a Onenote file from Skydrive


This is not a how-to it is more of a how-do-i? The thinking is that if I distill the problem into words I may figure out where I’m going wrong. Also, there’s always the outside chance that someone else might have the answer and put me out of my misery. I’ll map out the problem in detail below with some background for context. If you want to cut to the chase then the summary of...

Strikethrough keyboard shortcuts in MS Office


I use a lot of strike-through during my day (well, hopefully I do as I get things done!). Here’s a couple of keyboard short-cuts for strike-through on MS Office products: OneNote: Ctrl + – Excel: Ctrl + 5 Word: Ctrl + D (font menu) then Alt + K (tick strike-through) then Enter Not exactly consistent, but useful nonetheless. Update from comments below: Lync: Ctrl+T Sticky notes: Ctrl+T...

Enable OneNote 2013 logging


I’m trying to develop an MS Onenote add-on. This hard because I’m a web developer with LAMP skills so the world of C#, Visual Studio 2012, COM, Registries, DLLs and installers is all new to me. To make things worse it  seems that Onenote doesn’t qualify for a VSTO and its file format is still closed and binary where all the other office file formats are open and easy to parse... Geeking Out Since 1998

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