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The Importance of Reminders in a Trusted System


A snippet from my OneNote based Trusted System I have a sieve for a brain. I can forget things easily. Really easily. I blame this on my A.D.D, my general anxiety and some weapons grade hedonism in my early twenties. There is so much stuff whizzing around inside my head at all times; it is an utter mess in there. Recall is a real problem. This is why a Trusted System is so important for me to...

Getting Out of a Rut


Getting a cart out of a rut is hard. The sides are steep and it’s hard to gain purchase. Just a slight turn to either side is ineffective. The wheels won‚Äôt catch; they just hit the sides & bounce off. To get it out you need to commit. Making a confident directional change and then giving it a big effort to pull. That pull also needs to go on for some time. But if you keep at, especially...

Tip To Avoid Procrastination


I keep it short this week: a quick update and thoughts on my¬†coming, time-poor, week. I then share¬†a very effective tip for avoiding the dreaded P-word: procrastination. As always if you have any feedback or suggestions then please do¬†get in touch, I’m bealers@siftware.com. I’m @bealers on Twitter and there’s also @knucklingdown on Twitter. Links from show: The Brain Audit The...

How To Deal With Overwhelm


In this episode I run through my Crisis Mode Productivity system that I’ve used successfully in the past when I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed (usually self-inflected¬†because I’d taken on too much!) It’s a bit longer than I had planned, but I do go through things in detail. I also mention a blog post by Marc Jenkins: Must¬†avoid at all costs¬†and recommend that you...

Doing, Aiming & Being Challenge


Doing, Aiming & Being example mindmap This week there’s a quick update from me and then an expansion on my Doing, Aiming & Being challenge for you. There’s 6 months of the year left, do you have an idea of what you want to achieve? If not why not give this short exercise a try and see what comes of it? If you do give it a go then why not share it with me, I’d...

Accountability Diary or Personal Development Podcast?


It has been a few months! In this episode I provide a personal update as well as review two books:¬†So Good They Can’t Ignore You¬†and Deep Work,¬†both¬†Cal Newport, Also, with us being half-way through the year¬†I also¬†leave you with a challenge to consider your goals for the next 6 months. It’s quite rough around the edges so please bear with me, these will get better! A full transcript...

My Life Reboot 18 Months On


TL;DR¬†Years of a terrible diet, no exercise and not dealing with my underlying stress & anxiety problems left me a gibbering wreck. I was having panic attacks, experiencing physical pain and I was deeply, deeply unhappy. Enough was enough, so 2 years ago¬†I took control and started making changes. It worked, mostly. This is a¬†summary of what I did and how I’m still doing.¬†(Updated for...

Music For Concentration When Working


One of the unexpected benefits of this 30 day challenge has been getting to read other people’s work. Whether that has been to to proof-read, give¬†ideas on direction or simply to provide moral support, there have been numerous daily posts to go through. One of the recurring subjects has been workflows. The things we do during our day to be better, faster, healthier or more productive people...

Turning up


Quite a few of my old narratives were well and truly crushed today:
I am unfit
I don’t do running
I’ll never run a marathon
These were stories I was telling myself.
Turns out all I needed to do was set my mind to it, turn up and do the work.

The London Marathon


I remember watching the first London Marathon on the TV as a kid in 1981.
It was a big deal.
This was back when we only had 3 channels on the TV. The BBC gave it rolling coverage for well into the afternoon. It was like the Olympics or a royal wedding.
It made for compelling viewing and we watched it all day.

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