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Filling The Half-Empty Glass


Are you a glass half full or glass half empty person? The chances are that if you’re tending towards the empty, that you also suffer from anxieties. You may even¬†have a black¬†dog following you around from time to time. It’s not that you’re a doom and gloom merchant. You can see the joy in the world as much as the next person. It’s just that when things turn bad, you find...

My Evening Routine


I have a morning routine that I’ve worked on these past 18 months. It can look a bit extreme, but it’s just an hour and a half that I use to prepare myself for the day ahead. I now rely on that time and feel disorganised if it doesn’t happen (though I can’t recall the last time this was). By contrast my evening routine is more flexible. I’m tired, I’ve been on...



There’s an advert you see on the tube and elsewhere¬†of ¬†woman yawning and – I think – the strap-line is something like ‘Tired of being tired?’ That is my¬†30s summed up in one sentence, right there. At the time put it down to having baby twins, to having just started a business and to working all hours. Whilst that definitely didn’t help and it was a pretty...

What Will People Think?


I got lots of interest and feedback from my morning routine post.
Well, I say lots. I mean some.
But, it was lots compared to the tumble-weeds that normally occur when publishing here.
So, huge thanks to those of you who did¬†get in touch; it’s always really encouraging to know that people actually read and get value from this stuff.

Essential Software


The problem with setting yourself a 30 day writing challenge is that you have to actually write something every day.
Go figure.
The first few days are easy enough but after that the runway starts getting quite short!
So, this is officially my first filler topic that I had in my back pocket just in case I was short of inspiration one day.

Why I Love Running


I’m sitting here with a bit of a sadface writing this. My physio has told me that I’m not allowed to go running until the day of my Marathon now. I overdid it in my last race¬†(against his instructions!) so I need to rest my¬†shins. This has totally messed my training plan up, I should be tapering down next week instead I had to stop dead 4 weeks early (I was banned 2 weeks ago). Still...

Be Polite


As an engineer I am probably the last person that you should listen to on the subject of manners or emotional intelligence.
If you do want to read a really great post on politeness and manners, go here.¬†It’ll really stop and make you think.



It can feel daunting to come up with ideas for things to write about because¬†someone else has already written about it before and it’s probably¬†too¬†obvious anyway, right? Wrong. It’s OK to write about stuff that other people have already written about. There is always going to be somebody who’s interested in what you’ve got to say. There is always going to be somebody who...

Darren Beale Web developer, retailer & photographer