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Music For Concentration When Working


One of the unexpected benefits of this 30 day challenge has been getting to read other people’s work. Whether that has been to to proof-read, give ideas on direction or simply to provide moral support, there have been numerous daily posts to go through. One of the recurring subjects has been workflows. The things we do during our day to be better, faster, healthier or more productive people...

My Evening Routine


I have a morning routine that I’ve worked on these past 18 months. It can look a bit extreme, but it’s just an hour and a half that I use to prepare myself for the day ahead. I now rely on that time and feel disorganised if it doesn’t happen (though I can’t recall the last time this was). By contrast my evening routine is more flexible. I’m tired, I’ve been on...

The Personal Statement


What is your memory like?
Do you have total recall?
Or are you more like Dory from Finding Nemo?
Like most people you’re going to be somewhere in the middle.

Essential Software


The problem with setting yourself a 30 day writing challenge is that you have to actually write something every day.
Go figure.
The first few days are easy enough but after that the runway starts getting quite short!
So, this is officially my first filler topic that I had in my back pocket just in case I was short of inspiration one day.

My Morning Routine


There are lots of articles telling you why you might want to consider having a good morning routine. They usually include words like ‘success’ or ‘leader’ and they can feel like they’ve been churned out by a content marketing machine, leaving a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. I won’t include any of those words in this post. Indeed, I won’t write much on...

Take Control of Your Time by Putting a Value on It


How much do you value your time? Let’s guess: you value it a lot, right? OK, but can you put a number on it? A monetary value? We’re not talking about your daily rate if you’re doing some consulting. Instead, when you’re planning your day or week, are you able to associate a value to every discretionary task that you do? If not then you might want to consider using this simple formula which...

Manage Your Week with Timeboxing


As we all know there is only so much time in one day. We can use various productivity methodologies to define & track what we need to get done in any given day but the fact remains there is a finite time available to get all that stuff done. One ‘trick’ we can use to cram more in is to extend the time available, by working into the evenings or weekends though this, like most... Geeking Out Since 1998

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