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I came to running in my middle age and am hooked. It helps keep me sane and fit. Below is my running blog where I document my journey and share the things that I learn.

As a registered England Athletics running coach (LiRF) I am insured (and police checked) to take out groups of runners and am keen to help new runners get in to the sport. I am also registered with EA as a Visually Impaired guide runner. If you live locally to me (Shrewsbury area) and need a guide runner, or you have a race or expedition further afield and you need some help, please get in touch.

I also have a running related Instagram feed, public Facebook page and I’m on Strava, if that’s your thing. There’s also a little bit more of my running back-story here, if you’re interested.

Bloody Freezing – Week(ish) notes 1

As threatened in my end of year review I’m giving the weekly notes format a trial.

Admittedly the term ‘week notes’ is not overly accurate given it’s early Feb as I write this but “Notable stuff since the last time I posted” doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.

Guess where Christmas was

Back on the wagon

After a lazy and over-indulgent Christmas I took a few weeks to get back into the swing of my training. This was intentional as I went at it pretty hard the second half of last year and a complete rest was overdue. I’m now back into my groove and building things back up to train for my immediate goal of 3 hours 30 mins at the Manchester Marathon in April. Continue reading

Geek Runners 2018

Bling / © How Hard Can It Be Events Ltd


A bunch of geeks who work in digital and who also like to run will be entering the May the 4th be with you trail race on, erm, May 4th 2018. It will be held on the stunning Shropshire Hills, kicking off from Carding Mill Valley.

The night before I’ll be curating a Shropgeek evening themed loosely around endurance sports, technology and the great outdoors. We have three superb talks lined up for you by confirmed speakers Rachel Andrew, Simon Collison and Andy Keetch. Continue reading

Flappy Bottles & Sweat

Flappy bottles, empty & full side by side

Hello and welcome to autumn.

As I said last week, to gain some writing momentum I’m going to simply share what I’ve learnt the previous week as well as anything else that seems relevant to running, fitness or health.

I’m playing with the format and may even make it into a proper newsletter, but for now I’ll simply list a bunch of stuff under some headings.

I hope something in here is useful or interesting.

Until next week.


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On your marks…

Here’s my sticker chart, haven’t I been a good boy.

I’ve been meaning to start documenting my running & health journey more regularly but the usual trifecta of imposter syndrome, motivation and knowing what to write got the better of me.

The thing I have been  most self-conscious about is being another selfie and inspirational quote merchant who doesn’t add that much value. Given my sometimes very unmotivated mental state it felt hard to come up with original content that might be useful for others.

Finally, I’ve decided to get my finger out and JFDI.

To start with I’ll simply document what I’ve been up to and summarise any key takeaways or learning points in the hope that something I write is useful for others.

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