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The Importance of Reminders in a Trusted System


A snippet from my OneNote based Trusted System I have a sieve for a brain. I can forget things easily. Really easily. I blame this on my A.D.D, my general anxiety and some weapons grade hedonism in my early twenties. There is so much stuff whizzing around inside my head at all times; it is an utter mess in there. Recall is a real problem. This is why a Trusted System is so important for me to...

Getting Out of a Rut


Getting a cart out of a rut is hard. The sides are steep and it’s hard to gain purchase. Just a slight turn to either side is ineffective. The wheels won’t catch; they just hit the sides & bounce off. To get it out you need to commit. Making a confident directional change and then giving it a big effort to pull. That pull also needs to go on for some time. But if you keep at, especially...

My Life Reboot 18 Months On


TL;DR Years of a terrible diet, no exercise and not dealing with my underlying stress & anxiety problems left me a gibbering wreck. I was having panic attacks, experiencing physical pain and I was deeply, deeply unhappy. Enough was enough, so 2 years ago I took control and started making changes. It worked, mostly. This is a summary of what I did and how I’m still doing. (Updated for...

Turning up


Quite a few of my old narratives were well and truly crushed today:
I am unfit
I don’t do running
I’ll never run a marathon
These were stories I was telling myself.
Turns out all I needed to do was set my mind to it, turn up and do the work.

The London Marathon


I remember watching the first London Marathon on the TV as a kid in 1981.
It was a big deal.
This was back when we only had 3 channels on the TV. The BBC gave it rolling coverage for well into the afternoon. It was like the Olympics or a royal wedding.
It made for compelling viewing and we watched it all day.

Filling The Half-Empty Glass


Are you a glass half full or glass half empty person? The chances are that if you’re tending towards the empty, that you also suffer from anxieties. You may even have a black dog following you around from time to time. It’s not that you’re a doom and gloom merchant. You can see the joy in the world as much as the next person. It’s just that when things turn bad, you find...



There’s an advert you see on the tube and elsewhere of  woman yawning and – I think – the strap-line is something like ‘Tired of being tired?’ That is my 30s summed up in one sentence, right there. At the time put it down to having baby twins, to having just started a business and to working all hours. Whilst that definitely didn’t help and it was a pretty...

What Will People Think?


I got lots of interest and feedback from my morning routine post.
Well, I say lots. I mean some.
But, it was lots compared to the tumble-weeds that normally occur when publishing here.
So, huge thanks to those of you who did get in touch; it’s always really encouraging to know that people actually read and get value from this stuff.

Why I Love Running


I’m sitting here with a bit of a sadface writing this. My physio has told me that I’m not allowed to go running until the day of my Marathon now. I overdid it in my last race (against his instructions!) so I need to rest my shins. This has totally messed my training plan up, I should be tapering down next week instead I had to stop dead 4 weeks early (I was banned 2 weeks ago). Still... Geeking Out Since 1998

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