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Setting up Eclipse for PHP Development


Eclipse is great, it’s like a generic IDE that needs plug-ins to make it useful for a particular purpose, its one drawback is that it’s quite daunting to start off with and the learning curve is quite steep.

I’ve been using it on a project for a few weeks now and for one reason or another felt that I should do a clean re-install. I figured that jotting down what I do to get it working is not a bad idea as I’ll have something to refer to if I need to do it again and hopefully it might help someone else if Google comes along and indexes me.

So, to start off with I install Eclipse:

I got mine from http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/download.eclipse.org/S-3.1M4-200412162000/
Extract to program files

I then want the HTML/Javascript editing features from the PHP eclipse project:

Extract to program fileseclipse

and I prefer the PHP IDE features of TruStudio, in this case we need the “TruStudio Foundation Plug-ins”

Extract to program files

I then need to get Subversion support:

To do this, open up Eclipse,

HINT: if you get the purple welcome screen and you have *no idea* where to start, go to

Window -> Open perspective and select PHP, I have 2 PHP’s becasue of the phpeclipse one too, I use the one without the little php icon beause it’s the tru studio one.

So subversion:

Help -> Software updates -> Find and Install …
“Search for new features to install”
Select “New remote site” -> http://subclipse.tigris.org/update
You’ll see it added to the source list, tick it and wait a while
Next -> Tick both boxes (one is docs but they are useful)
Next -> Accept -> Finish
(Wait a while while it downloads)
Select “Install All”
You’ll be asked to restart Eclipse, it seems a reasonable request.

Setup of Subversion:

Switch to SVN perspective and add new repository

Checkout projects

From the SVN perspective:

* Right-click
* Check out as …
* PHP project (not the PHP logo for Trustudio, remember)

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Darren Beale Web developer & early adopter