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Not Good With Languages


It was touch and go whether I’d post anything today. I’ve spent most of the day in meetings or driving across the country and am now at a hotel, dog tired. I also have a new thing to try to cram into my schedule and that’s some coding for a side project, the first time I’ll be cutting code for a few years. I had planned to do an hour hacking before hitting the sack and for...

What Will People Think?


I got lots of interest and feedback from my morning routine post.
Well, I say lots. I mean some.
But, it was lots compared to the tumble-weeds that normally occur when publishing here.
So, huge thanks to those of you who did get in touch; it’s always really encouraging to know that people actually read and get value from this stuff.



It can feel daunting to come up with ideas for things to write about because someone else has already written about it before and it’s probably too obvious anyway, right? Wrong. It’s OK to write about stuff that other people have already written about. There is always going to be somebody who’s interested in what you’ve got to say. There is always going to be somebody who... Geeking Out Since 1998

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