My Life Reboot 18 Months On

TL;DR Years of a terrible diet, no exercise and not dealing with my underlying stress & anxiety problems left me a gibbering wreck. I was having panic attacks, experiencing physical pain and I was deeply, deeply unhappy. Enough was enough, so 2 years ago I took control and started making changes. It worked, mostly. This is a summary of what I did and how I’m still doing. (Updated for Geek Mental Help Week October 2016).

I recently came across a post on Medium that Wil Wheaton wrote. I hadn’t heard the name before, but a quick Google told me that he was Wes in Star Trek the Next Generation and he also appears in the Big Bang Theory.

Anyway, he wrote a great post entitled Six Months After I Hit The Reboot Button On My Life and it struck me how there were a lot of parallels to the lifestyle changes I’ve made.

It’s almost 18 months to the day that I made my own decision to take my health into my own hands so I figured I’d write an update to the one I posted nearly a year ago. However, this time I’ll follow Wil’s format as I like the marking system he uses.

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