Music For Concentration When Working

One of the unexpected benefits of this 30 day challenge has been getting to read other people’s work.

Whether that has been to to proof-read, give ideas on direction or simply to provide moral support, there have been numerous daily posts to go through.

One of the recurring subjects has been workflows. The things we do during our day to be better, faster, healthier or more productive people.

I can’t get enough of workflow posts.

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My Everyday Bag

By bag & stuff. Click to expand

My bag with its contents spilled out

I quite like those pictures of people’s bags and their contents that sometimes get tweeted about. It’s slightly voyeuristic, but also you get ideas for practical stuff to keep with you at all times.

So, in what is officially my second Filler PostTM for #30DWC  I thought I’d share details about my bag, albeit without an amazing photo and the intricate numbering that some provide.

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My Morning Routine


A day last month

There are lots of articles telling you why you might want to consider having a good morning routine. They usually include words like ‘success’ or ‘leader’ and they can feel like they’ve been churned out by a content marketing machine, leaving a bit of a bad taste in the mouth.

I won’t include any of those words in this post.

Indeed, I won’t write much on the benefits of a good morning routine either. Instead I’ll point you to Leo Babuta’s perspective on why a strong morning routine is A Good thing and let you make your own mind up.

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