The OneNote Handbook

As I alluded yesterday, I am going to write a book about OneNote.

I’ve been a fan of OneNote for over 10 years and have been meaning to write  this book for as long as I can remember.

It has two main aims:

  1. Provide a useful introduction for new users. Give them the information they need to start using it most effectively
  2. Give ideas and workflow examples for more advanced users so they can get the most out of something that is already an essential part of their life

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Not Good With Languages

It was touch and go whether I’d post anything today. I’ve spent most of the day in meetings or driving across the country and am now at a hotel, dog tired.

I also have a new thing to try to cram into my schedule and that’s some coding for a side project, the first time I’ll be cutting code for a few years.

I had planned to do an hour hacking before hitting the sack and for a spit second I thought to myself “It’s OK, coding is like writing, right?”.

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A Start

All the thoughts

All the thoughts

I’m slightly cheating here.

The first day of Marc’s 30 Day Writing Challenge started when I was sunning myself on a lounger in Morocco (a cheeky 4 day break during Easter) and there was no way that I was motivated to be writing, or indeed thinking, about anything other than when to get another beer.

Well, that’s not strictly true, as it was our last day I did allow myself to start thinking about work again and scribbled a few pages of notes down, stuff that had accumulated over the intervening Easter week, but nothing suitable for publishing.

Anyway, it’s Sunday the 3rd of April and I need to play catch-up, so let’s set some ground rules.

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