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Uptonbury 2007


Wow, what a superb weekend.

Our back garden

The bash at ours loosely based around the Upton Jazz festival was a cracking success with the red wine flowing, the parents getting a rest, the meat burning production line not missing a beat and everyone getting along famously.

The final tally was 16 people staying at our house over the weekend not including family Beale plus a further 5 day visitors on the Saturday.

People started arriving Friday night, the majority coming from London and getting there around 10:30PM; we stayed up drinking and chatting until around 2AM. On Saturday I cooked a massive breakfast of 40 rashers of bacon, 20 sausages, 4 tins beans, 3 tins toms and pan full of scrambled egg. We then hung out for a while until heading into ‘town’ around lunchtime.

Not one of us actually went into the festival itself but we did have a few beers in the pubs and mill around for a while. When we (families Ozficici and Beale) started getting hungry it was back to ours (after popping into the local butcher for lots more meat) where the BBQ got lit up. The rest started drifting back from town over the next 2 hours and by 6pm we were all well on our way to getting very merry.

With regular top-ups of charcoal the BBQ kept going all evening which really sorted out the only real logistical nightmare: whilst I didn’t want to be worrying about people going hungry I also didn’t want to be doing all the cooking. So with the BBQ going all afternoon and evening people just sorted themselves out.

Whilst it did rain on and off, much like Le Mans, it wasn’t too much of a bother as it stopped almost as soon as it started each time and there was never a point where we all had to move inside. As the last of hardcore of four (Gen, Phil, Kurt and myself) I got into bed around 1AM.

On Sunday we had a 4 hour toast and tea fest with everyone taking it very easy and then preparing for their journeys home. With just a few of us left it was BBQ on again and a slap up lunch of unused meat and salad just in case we’d forgotten what read meat tasted like!

Kurt on the BBQ

Thanks to everyone that came, for being there and all supplying (copious) amounts of meat and wine. Special thanks to Kurt for starting off and then regularly tending the BBQ both days.

See you next year!

P.S. There’s a bunch of photos on facebook.

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