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Web developer & early adopter

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I am Darren Beale, founder of Siftware. Over the past 20+ years, I have helped countless people and organisations make money on the web.

Is it your turn, do you want help getting your stuff online? Do you want to pick my brains about building new websites, marketing websites, keeping older websites running or managing a web development agency?

In short, if there is some overlap between the stuff I am currently working on and your own projects then I’d love to speak to you.

Est. 1998

Before WiFi, before blogging, before the iPhone and certainly before there was anything called social media, I have been building websites professionally. As a result, I have also maintained a personal site here at Bealers.com. (I can prove this back until 1999, though don’t bother clicking, you will be disappointed)

During that time over 500 items were published to my blog, though more recently I deleted the vast majority of that content as it was out of date and/or irrelevant now. What is left can be found here.

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Cover photo: Me, Loch Morar circa 2017. Credit: Giles Atkinson Photography

Darren Beale Web developer & early adopter