Always Be Exercising

This is a personal post, an actual note to self; a reminder.

Last week was pretty tough.

I’ve felt the physical effects of stress again, my ‘stress related somatoform pain‘. Nowhere like the bad old days where it was a constant, but definitely there; the first time in over 6 months. The headaches, the sinus pains, tinnitus and the physical sensations in my chest and face, the full caboodle.

The irony is that the particular situations that had occurred the previous week to probably cause this episode were not that bad, I was taking it all well within my stride and everything was totally under control. Mentally, I felt very strong, there was no panic or anxiety (except being annoyed about not feeling healthy), I was in charge, I was feeling positive. Everything was fine and on track, but my body still reacted.

By the time I got to Friday I was bushed and I felt awful. I crawled out of bed as my normal routine dictates, stumbled through journalling but then around 6:30am when taking a cup of tea to my wife, I got back into bed. Unheard of.

I literally curled up into a ball. I just wanted to spend the day in bed.

I led there telling myself to get out of bed and do some exercise. I knew that it would probably get me out of my funk, it usually does. But, I’m not allowed to run at the moment (I’m sure this in some way has contributed to my current state) I didn’t have time for a bike ride so that left a core workout or using the Cross Trainer (booooring!).

I gave it ten mins and then with a herculean effort I dragged myself back downstairs and forced myself to do 20 mins on the Cross Trainer of Doom.

Magic exercise

By 7:10 I was humming to myself in the shower and had 3 new blog posts partially drafted (including this one) in my head.

I still had the physical symptoms – they’ll linger for a while now – but I was back on track again; everything was fine.

So, Mr Beale, for the next time you forget again: if you’re feeling rubbish, do some exercise already!

This post is one of 30 I wrote daily during April 2016 as part of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.


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