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Bealers.com vN


Where N is a number > 5 Bealers.com now runs WordPress and as of this post is out of beta, i.e. I have copied over the few Blogger.com posts that I made. I originally tried Blogger.com, then tried Moveable type for about 10 seconds, <a href=" *shudder* then I found WordPress that is PHP and has a community. I've lost* a few posts, including the one about the mailer plugin ketai...



I was playing around a on virgin DSVR (vs300) account for a few hours during the week, just getting php and mysql ready for use. vi was being really annoying, giving me the dreaded A B C D routine when the arrow keys were pressed in insert mode. vim in compatible mode, I could'nt find a vimrc anywhere so I placed this into ~/.vimrc set nocompatible set backspace=indent,eol,start set...

Darren Beale Web developer & early adopter