About Me


TL;DR – I’m a geek. I run a business. I like writing about my experiences. Here’s what I’m working on right now, if you are interested in hearing more then you might want to start here.

Hi, I’m Darren Beale. Please feel free to call me Bealers (most people do).

I’ve been working in the web industry since the late 90’s and have been self-employed for most of that time.

Professionally I used to be a back end PHP web programmer and Linux system administrator but these days I am focused on running my software development company and I leave the tech to my very capable team.

I write this blog because I enjoy doing it and want to improve, but I also have a goal to pass on any useful & actionable information that I manage to glean whilst I travel on my journey.

Health of the mind and body is also a subject very close to my heart. Up to a few years ago I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle and this caught up on me in a pretty spectacular way soon after my 40th birthday. I’ve since managed to turn things around and I’m now the strongest, fittest and most sane I’ve ever been.

Personal stuff: I’m married to Cathie and we have 3 kids. I love being outdoors, the more remote & disconnected from technology the better. I have too many bikes and I don’t use my Canadian canoe as much I would like.

I also run, a lot.

If you’d like to get in touch then it’s probably best if you nudge me on Twitter (@bealers), Instagram (@beale.rs) or email bealers@siftware.com. You can also call me on 0845 680 9676 during UK office hours or send me a message me via Linkedin.

I also have a mailing list where I send out occasional emails relating to the things I’m interested in and send advance notice of new blog posts. If you’d like to be in the loop then you can sign up below:

June 2017

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p.s. This blog has been here for quite some time and as my interests have changed so have the sort of things I’ve written about. So much so that all my earlier personal or other non-relevant information has now all been archived out (I keep it just in case you really want to see photos of me woodworking or read my thoughts on WordPress circa 2004)