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The Importance of Reminders in a Trusted System


A snippet from my OneNote based Trusted System I have a sieve for a brain. I can forget things easily. Really easily. I blame this on my A.D.D, my general anxiety and some weapons grade hedonism in my early twenties. There is so much stuff whizzing around inside my head at all times; it is an utter mess in there. Recall is a real problem. This is why a Trusted System is so important for me to...

Handing Over The Keys To My Business


As of 1st August 2019, exactly 13 years and 4 months after setting up my business Siftware, I will be handing over the responsibility for its day to day running to my friend and very capable colleague, Sara Chandler. I will for all intents and purposes cease to be responsible for running Siftware and instead simply have a job there, a part-time one at that. For Siftware’s international...

Bloody Freezing – Week(ish) notes 1


As threatened in my end of year review I’m giving the weekly notes format a trial. Admittedly the term ‘week notes’ is not overly accurate given it’s early Feb as I write this but “Notable stuff since the last time I posted” doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. Back on the wagon After a lazy and over-indulgent Christmas I took a few weeks to get back into...

Geek Runners 2018


  A bunch of geeks who work in digital and who also like to run will be entering the May the 4th be with you trail race on, erm, May 4th 2018. It will be held on the stunning Shropshire Hills, kicking off from Carding Mill Valley. The night before I’ll be curating a Shropgeek evening themed loosely around endurance sports, technology and the great outdoors. We have three superb talks...

2017 in Review


Welcome to my third retrospective in four years. I didn’t bother writing one of these for 2015 as I was glad to see the back of the year, but in hindsight I regret not doing so as it was a formative time for my re-invented business and it is useful to be able to look back and see how one has grown or changed. I also really enjoy reading other people’s reviews, especially those of my...

Flappy Bottles & Sweat


Hello and welcome to autumn. As I said last week, to gain some writing momentum I’m going to simply share what I’ve learnt the previous week as well as anything else that seems relevant to running, fitness or health. I’m playing with the format and may even make it into a proper newsletter, but for now I’ll simply list a bunch of stuff under some headings. I hope something...

On your marks…


I’ve been meaning to start documenting my running & health journey more regularly but the usual trifecta of imposter syndrome, motivation and knowing what to write got the better of me. The thing I have been  most self-conscious about is being another selfie and inspirational quote merchant who doesn’t add that much value. Given my sometimes very unmotivated mental state it felt...

OneNote & emoji 🏃💨


It turns out that OneNote supports emoji in page & section titles (notebook names too). I had no idea, though I shouldn’t be surprised really; they are just fancy Unicode characters after all. Anyway, I’ve tested this on the full Windows desktop version, iOS and the online web view. They consistently render as you’d expect for the operating system that you’re viewing...

A Few of my Favourite Things 2016


Personal review posts of the outgoing year are becoming more popular and I enjoy reading them, particularly those produced by my peers. However, when I wrote mine earlier this week I purposely left some stuff out as it didn’t seem to fit properly. It’s a list of things that I’ve used – or removed – this year that have in some way made a high impact on my life. Turns... Geeking Out Since 1998

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