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WordPress Naked, approaching 16,000 downloads


One evening in 2007 I got frustrated by once again having to strip out all of the styling from one of the then default WordPress themes (remember Kubrick?) prior to building a client’s site, so I created a simple boiler-plate theme called Worpdress Naked and uploaded it to this blog.

Amazingly since then approaching 16,000 people appear to have downloaded it (and that’s only counting since I moved it to Google code 2 years later). Given it got quite a bit of traction and linking in the early days  I wonder what the total count might have been.

I even got one donation, a whopping $10.

As it’s woefully out of date I hope not too many more people do download it, heck I’m not even sure what version of WP it was targeting. I think 2.0 was live then, Widgets had recently become a thing (before then widgets were accessed by installing a plugin) and WordPress was just starting to get a lot more mainstream. How times change.




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