This article was originally posted on The Pastry Box in May 2014.

Do you have an itch that you keep meaning to scratch? An idea that just won’t go away but life keeps getting in the way?

As hard as you might try you’re never able to carve out enough time to move things forwards?

Welcome to the very non-exclusive club.

I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you but acts of $deity notwithstanding you’re always going to be busy with work / business / family / hobby / health / whatever. There is no pixie waiting to come along and sprinkle his or her magic dust to help you free up the time.

You’re going to have to make the time.

You could go to bed an hour earlier so you can wake up an hour earlier, work on it in your lunch hour, drop your hours to 4 days a week, hire a junior or a PA and outsource some of your workload to them. These or a multitude of other options that you might think up are going to help you start getting your thing done.

It’s your new habit. Give it 10 minutes today, 20 minutes tomorrow and a few hours over the weekend. By the end of the month you might be able to give it a day a fortnight or if you really are that busy and it wasn’t just Game of Thrones getting in the way then at least stick to the hour here or there and keep moving things forward.

My challenge to you — and to me — is to stop making excuses and just crack on with things. Sure you need to do due diligence before making any life altering decisions, but don’t let making those decisions be put off indefinitely due to the rest of life getting in the way.

Just Start Doing It.


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