Evernote Page Tagging in OneNote

OneNote prioritising keywords in a search
OneNote prioritising keywords in a search

If you’re coming over to OneNote from Evernote you might immediately miss the ability to tag your pages as you’re used to.

Evernote’s page level tagging is a powerful feature but what you may not know is that you can effectively emulate this feature in OneNote too.

Because OneNote’s search facility prioritises keywords in a title you simply need to load up your title with keywords that you’ll use to find the page again.

For example: I have a number of pages in my reference notebook that contain serial numbers for software. When creating a new page – particularly something that I want to refer back to – I’ll start with a human readable title but then also place other similar words that reflect what I’m storing at the end.

The human readable part helps when manually scanning through a section to find your page but with the extra keywords the search will also pick up on the other words and prioritise them in the results.

I can never remember if it’s a ‘key’, ‘serial’ or ‘licence’ I’m searching for but with this method I don’t need to remember. OneNote just finds it for me; instantly.

OneNote’s Tagging System

It’s also worth mentioning that OneNote’s internal tagging system gives you even more searching power.

Tags in OneNote allow you to mark individual pieces of content within the page. You can then filter on the tags using the Find Tags feature to find what you’re looking for.

Tags can also be placed in titles so with OneNote you have two ways to tag your content, page level and content level.

That is to say with OneNote you have even more options to tag your content for rapid retrieval.

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3 responses to “Evernote Page Tagging in OneNote”

  1. Michael Galante Avatar
    Michael Galante

    Great Idea, do you have to put the key word in the title? or can you put it in the page for it to prioritize?

    1. It’ll get picked up by the search from the page too but stuff in the title is pushed to the top.

  2. Bart Van Roey Avatar
    Bart Van Roey

    Hi Bealers, just wanted to say thank you! 🙂
    I love the way you communicate with your audience on your site and in general (open and authentic) and I have learned something about OneNote here (the use of emoji ;-)).

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