What I’m working on at the moment

Deep diving into web3 and blockchain technology.

Working on a side project to web3 enable WordPress. It is in stealth mode right now. More to follow when something is released.

Looking for new opportunities for Siftware my web development consultancy. Particularly digital teams with the need to flexibly scale the size & shape of their developer pool or companies with complex PHP websites that need maintaining.

Accepting personal commissions for what I loosely call internet consultancy. Preferably for businesses local to me here in Wales looking to get online or improve their online presence.

Growing food in my garden, a small north facing yard at the back of the shop.

Staring at my running shoes and feeling guilty that I have hardly used them this past year.

Adding solar and an off grid 12v set-up to my 1991 VW T25 Westfalia Camper

Building my second brain using Obsidian. As long-standing OneNote user I switched to Roam after 10 minutes of trying the Beta but more recently have moved to Obsidian as I get all the benefits of a personal graph and backlinked notes like in Roam, but as a desktop app and all my notes stored locally in markdown files.

Inspired by Derek Sivers & Marc Jenkins. Last updated Feb 2024.