What I’m doing now

Inspired by Derek Sivers, here’s what I’m working on at the moment:


  • Enjoying a steady state
  • Enjoying today
  • Being thankful for what I have
  • Running
    • at least 20 miles a week
    • faster
    • further
    • not training for a marathon
  • Eating a healthy & balanced diet of homemade, vegetarian* whole food (most of the time)
  • Writing a book

* new: 4 weeks in


  • 80% focused on growing my business through a range of productised services
  • 20% focused on validating a SaaS idea

2017: after 2 years of consolidation and planning, this will be my first Year of Shipping.

2016 is my double-down year. I’ve pruned a lot of projects and I am focusing on my business and my health and saying no to everything else.

Last updated Nov 2016