Strikethrough keyboard shortcuts in MS Office (and others)

I use a lot of strike-through during my day (well, hopefully, I do as I get things done!). Here’s a couple of keyboard short-cuts for strike-through on different digital products:

  • Word: Ctrl + D (font menu) then Alt + K (tick strike-through) then Enter
  • Excel: Ctrl + 5
  • Google Docs: Alt + Shift + 5
  • Lync: Ctrl+T
  • Sticky notes: Ctrl+T


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  1. Long ago, it used to be CTRL-K, across all Office products. Now that key combination is “Insert Hyperlink” instead. 🙁

  2. Thank you Bealers! Ctrl + – in OneNote is exactly what I am looking for!

  3. Ctrl+T in Lync!

    1. CTRL + T in Windows 7 sticky notes, too!

      1. Thank you so much…I was looking for it. wanted to use it on sticky notes desperately 🙂

  4. Thanks this helps a lot, also for PowerPoint it is Alt then H then 4

  5. durga Avatar

    Ctrl+T in Lync! is what i am looking for. but how to remove it?

    1. takjar Avatar

      Just reuse Ctrl + T and deactivates it

  6. Ellen Avatar

    Awesome! Thank you!

  7. Thank you. Exactly what I need.

  8. Thanks for this – great stuff! To use strikethrough in an email I always previously resorted to opening Word and copy and pasting into Outlook 🙂

  9. Dincel Taspinar Avatar
    Dincel Taspinar

    Is there a way to apply CTRL + – strikethrough shortcut to OneNote windows 8 app? Somehow it is not working.

  10. Julian Avatar

    If anyone out there uses ‘Sticky Notes’ I can confirm that CTRL + T also works

  11. ctrl+t in sticky notes

    both to strikethrough and to undo

  12. Thanks!

  13. Same process as Word in Outlook.

  14. In Office, most ribbon commands are keyboard accessible starting with an “alt”. On my ribbon, in word, strikethrough is in “Home”, so i hit Alt, H, and then 4 is the tooltip that comes up for strikethrough. So Alt, H, 4 works there.

    In Outlook strikethrough is on “Format Text”, which is “O”, so it’s Alt, O, 4.

    Once you do it a few times, it gets pretty quick!

  15. natalia Avatar

    just use CTRL + 5 in EXCEL for strikethrough. Works perfectly

  16. Dan Cowles Avatar

    actually, on my Mac, in Word, command+shift+x works.

  17. Love the addition for the sticky notes!

  18. thanks for sharing!

  19. I was searching “Strikethrough keyboard shortcuts for “Sticky notes” – your website given me the correct direction.

    Thank you !!!!

  20. Martin C. Avatar
    Martin C.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I spent the last few minutes trying to find out how to strikeout/cross out words/letters by using JUST the Keyboard but, more specifically on ‘Sticky Notes’ and I couldn’t find a simple and straight forward answer ESPECIALLY for my situation UNTIL, I arrived to this(your) PAGE . . .THANKS AGAIN FOR THE Info/ BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!! -PeaceOu†

  21. Chelsea Avatar

    Thank you SO much! Ctrl + T is for a hanging indentation in Word so I never would’ve figured it out for Sticky Notes.

  22. thank you! very helpful

  23. Hân Trương Avatar
    Hân Trương

    it’s very helpful <3 thank you so much !!!

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