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Turning up



Quite a few of my old narratives were well and truly crushed today:

I am unfit

I don’t do running

I’ll never run a marathon

These were stories I was telling myself.

Turns out all I needed to do was set my mind to it, turn up and do the work.

It helps that I was very motivated, though.

I wanted it, but whilst it was hard, I also didn’t mind doing it. I got a lot out pleasure and satisfaction out of becoming fit and being a better runner

My next challenge is to apply the same focus to jobs I’ve been putting off, like writing my OneNote book and getting sales copy written for my website.

It’s that word again: intent.

Do you want that thing to happen?

Well then you need to put the work in.

My favourite phrase, one I refer to regularly is:

If you want to be a leaner person, you need to act like a leaner person

I want to be ‘leaner’ in different ways now.  If I’m going to be successful with those aims then I need to turn up and get the work done.

Post 24 of my 30DWC. Short one today. I’m a
bit tired and writing this on my phone as my Mrs drives us home from London. 

This post is one of 30 I wrote daily during April 2016 as part of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

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Darren Beale Web developer, retailer & photographer