Scarlett’s Energy Saving Mission

My youngest (5) came home from school this week with some homework relating to her school’s theme of educating the kids on ways to save energy.

The premise was to involve the entire family in looking at devices that are left switched on in the home that might be power hungry.

I jumped on this and may have got ever-so-slightly carried away.

My Scarlett’s homework follows:


We have a device fitted to the house electricity meter it sends a signal to a display unit in the kitchen.


On the display unit we can see how much electricity we are using.


Eden and I walked around the house turning things off. Morris shouted out the new reading and Daddy recorded the reduction in energy use on his laptop.

Below you can see the numbers that we recorded.

    Initial Reading (W)
Electricity cost per kWh (1 kWh is 1000 Watts used in 1 hour)14.86p/kWh£                       0.1486325 
DeviceRoomNew reading (W)Energy Saving (W)Cost saving (per day)
iPad charger 3187£0.02 
Microwave on standby 3117£0.02 
Kitchen light 28823£0.08 
Extension lead 2871£0.00 
DAB 2843£0.01 
PS3 26420£0.07 
Stereo (turned it to stand by) 24222£0.08 
Stereo (unplugged) 23210£0.04 
Mummy’s laptop 2302£0.01 
Daddy’s work battery chargers 2228£0.03 
 Daddy’s office   
Daddy’s coffee machine 2202£0.01 
Daddy’s work battery chargers 2191£0.00 
Daddy’s office stereo 2181£0.00 
Printer 2135£0.02 
 Morris’ room   
DAB radio 2121£0.00 
 Visitor room   
TV (on standby) 2075£0.02 
PS2 & DVD charger 1989£0.03 
 Girl’s room   
Clock radio 1971£0.00 
Eden’s radio & DVD charger 1952£0.01 
 Parent’s room   
Daddy’s laptop 1878£0.03 
iPhone charger 1834£0.01 
tablet charger 1821£0.00 
clock radio 1811£0.00 
  Total144 (W)£0.51 
  Total saving each month£15.41 

As you can see by turning off all those devices we could save £15.41 per month.


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