Windows 8, where did Programs go?

Just installed Windows 8? Looking for Notepad? Powershell?

Windows+R still works, so you could just run the command. Ditto Windows+E to navigate the file system and find it, but in either case that’s not really what you’re after is it?. You want a menu of everything installed, right?

You need the search interface. This brings up a screen with a number of high level menu items the selected one being Apps which shows all installed programs (sorry I mean ‘Apps’). From here you can select items for pinning onto your Start screen.

There’s a few ways I can find to get to search:

  1. From the Start screen (Windows key) go to the bottom right corner and the new slidey out menu comes up where you can select Search.
  2. Start typing on the Start screen and you begin typing into the search box
  3. Hover over where Start used to be and then right click (or Win+x) to select Search.



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  1. Eli neria Avatar

    Thank you.
    I was loookig and wondering where is it…..



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