Rare OK Instagram photo of mine
Rare OK Instagram photo of mine

There’s an advert you see on the tube and elsewhere of  woman yawning and – I think – the strap-line is something like ‘Tired of being tired?’

That is my 30s summed up in one sentence, right there.

At the time put it down to having baby twins, to having just started a business and to working all hours.

Whilst that definitely didn’t help and it was a pretty grueling time I now know that for comparison I felt like that now, in my 40s too. Waking up tired. Yawning all through the day, getting to about 2pm and almost nodding off at my desk.

Needing a power-nap to recharge and this is after I’d dropped the work load (through necessity, my body gave up) and my kids now not only slept through the night but got themselves up, fed themselves breakfast and even made us the odd cup of tea.

I rarely feel like that any more.

I wake up early (granted I go to bed early too), I hammer my body pretty hard with exercise and I still have to get a full day’s work done. I am definitely bushed when it comes to 8pm each day, but not at 9:30am, or even that twilight zone of 2pm.

What’s changed?

I have a trick, a life hack, call it a super power.

It’s so revolutionary, so unique that you’ll be blown away.

Wanna know what it is?


I eat a lot of vegetables, always some protein and a lot less carbohydrates.


Sorry, boring I know.

I don’t follow any particular ‘diet’, I don’t have a particular book I can point you at. I’m super-flexible on portion size, on type of food, but I do make the effort to ensure a constant stream of veg, to make sure there’s a good source of protein and I don’t feel the need to supplement each meal with carbs like pasta or bread.

Eating like this I have not only reduced my weight but I now have the energy to keep going all day.

I used to hate veg, but I made the effort and now love them. I also know that by body needs carbohydrates, it still gets these but they are usually in their ‘complex’ form, from veg and I’ll have something like brown rice one or twice a week. Plus every week or two I’ll need to grab a sarnie on the go, or I’ll snaffle a pizza because, well, pizza is good.

For breakfast my staple is half a grated courgette, 2 eggs, a piece of bacon and some feta cheese all scrambled together. This takes no more that 10 minutes from getting the stuff out of the fridge to washing the pan up.

I’ll also have salad for breakfast now and again.

Lunch is normally a salad that I made the night before.

Not a cheese and ham sarnie
Not a cheese and ham sarnie

Salad? Salad!

Boring, right?


Salads are amazing and can be so delicious, I had it wrong for so many years.

Leaves, nuts, seeds, protein, cheese (only feta for me, I don’t do cow), chillies, peppers, toms. Bung it on, mix it up and nom. Absolutely amazing.

And most importantly they are really filling.

So, that’s my super power laid bare.

I don’t snack during the day any more and I’m generally full of energy until the end of the day.

Veg FTW!

Words: 563

Time: 55 mins. No time for editing, might be a bit tatty around the edges. I’ll definitely re-work this one at a later date, with more recipes and some actual science!

This post is one of 30 I wrote daily during April 2016 as part of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.


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