Month: February 2014

  • Podcasting is hard

    You know how some people jump out of perfectly good airplanes, climb mountains or cuddle a tarantula to confront their fears? Well I launched a podcast to confront mine and it’s called A Bit More Backendy. My fear is a pretty minor one: it’s a fear of being put on the spot publicly and because…

  • Default changes to Vim

    Quick post for future reference. Just installed Debian or Ubuntu, need Vim back to what you’re used to? edit /etc/vim/vimrc uncomment add Tabs are now always two spaces and you can actually see the text. Don’t forget to add export EDITOR=vim to .bashrc either.

  • MySQL one-liner to obfuscate live user details

    Problem: you need to get someone else to set up your web application on another server. Even with a signed NDA it’s not really a good idea to be sending over MySQL dumps containing real people’s details and it is almost certainly against data protection rules. If so, and you need to do it right…