Get your Palm III talking to your phone by Infrared

This article was first published in mid-2000 on, but this is a few years before a blog existed here.

[Nokia 7110, Palm III and a BTCellnet SIM with Data enabled]

What I did:

1) Upgraded to OS 3.3

2) Upgraded my IrDA stuff from Palm

3) Followed these steps

Prefs => Connection => New
Name = 7110
Connection Method = IrCOMM to Modem
Dialing = TouchTone
Volume = Low
Details =>
Speed = 14,400 bps
Flow Ctrl = Automatic
Init String =

Prefs => Serial/IR
Serial Via = Infrared

Prefs => Network
Service = My Connection
User Name =
Password =
Connection = 7110

[on same screen bottom left]
Details =>
Connection Type = PPP
Idle Timeout = Power Off
Query DNS = Yes
IP Address = Automatic
Script =Code language: PHP (php)

4) On phone

Menu => Infrared => ActivateCode language: JavaScript (javascript)

5) On Palm

Network => My Connection => ConnectCode language: PHP (php)

Now, don’t just assume that they can talk because they are close together and pointing towards each other! I kept getting “Modem not found” when everything was was just fine; try angling the Palm 20o or so from the horizontal

6) Installed lots of crap and caned my mobile bill


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