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Get your Palm talking to your phone


This article was first published in mid 2000 on Bealers.com but it was a few years before a blog existed here.

[Nokia 7110, Palm III and a BTCellnet SIM with Data enabled]

What I did:

1) Upgraded to OS 3.3

2) Upgraded my IrDA stuff from Palm

3) Followed these steps

Prefs => Connection => New
Name = 7110
Connection Method = IrCOMM to Modem
Dialing = TouchTone
Volume = Low
Details =>
Speed = 14,400 bps
Flow Ctrl = Automatic
Init String =

Prefs => Serial/IR
Serial Via = Infrared

Prefs => Network
Service = My Connection
User Name = any.old.free.isp.username
Password = the.same.free.isp.password
Connection = 7110

[on same screen bottom left]
Details =>
Connection Type = PPP
Idle Timeout = Power Off
Query DNS = Yes
IP Address = Automatic
Script =

4) On phone

Menu => Infrared => Activate

5) On Palm

Network => My Connection => Connect

Now don’t just assume that becuase they are close togther and pointing towards each other that they can talk! I kept getting “Modem not found”, when everything was in fact was just fine, try angling the Palm 20o or so from the hoizontal

6) Installed lots of crap and caned my mobile bill

By bealers
Darren Beale Web developer & early adopter