Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene Live at The Albert Hall

On Sunday, Kurt and I went to see Jean Michel Jarre at The Albert Hall. He was for the first time playing Oxygene – his first album released in 1976 – live in its entirety.

We had top-dollar seats that gave us a very good view of the antiques that he was going to be using; a total old-school analoge synth-fest. It really was live too. He had three musicians helping him, each with their own huge bank of synths whilst Jarre was running around all over the shop twiddling knobs and pressing buttons and of course knocking out the odd tune; he was visibly relieved at the end with only a couple of mistakes that we could notice.

Whilst I’ve seen Jean Michel live before at his docklands concert yonks ago I’m really glad that I made the effort to go see him again. It was a top night and a quality show, I’ve also finally been to the Albert Hall which is a stunning venue.

I took some movies on my Nokia N93, which, as you’d expect, came out pretty rubbish with people’s heads in the way. However, the sound is excellent. Here’s Oxygene IV in it’s entirety:

Edit: YouTube gave me a slapped wrist for the videos so I’ve taken them down.


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