Le Mans 07

I just got back from my third visit to the Le Mans 24 hour race, and it was a good one.

For the previous two years, we had circa 30-degree temperatures with no cloud cover, and it really got unbearable, so to strike a balance, this year we had a lot of rain.

Still, it didn’t spoil it (no, really), and all had a good time, including Andrew French, who was obviously in his element on his first trip.

As always, we were camping, and our level of sophistication increased slightly. This year we had a fridge and generator for our beer so it was nice and cold (this has always been a major issue) and the campsite was pretty well organised so there was enough space for everyone.

Highlights were:

  • Cold beer (saves paying €3 per small cup on-circuit)
  • Going to the Mulsanne Straight at 1 AM (video below)
  • Aston Martin winning GT1

I could wax lyrical about it lots more, but I won’t. We will try to get a decent-sized crew next year; if they don’t mind camping, they’ll love it!

This was taken on my phone at 1 AM after dodging security, jumping a few fences and generally wandering around in the pitch black for a while. It doesn’t do it justice, but you should bear in mind that these cars are going over 200 MPH and are shooting past within touching distance with nothing between you and them other than a 4ft high barrier (hence not being allowed to be there)


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