Piano music from the 2nd episode of 2nd series of Battlestar Galactica

I’m hooked on the Battlestar Galactica remake. To date, I’ve seen everything up to the 2nd Episode of the 2nd series. This episode is called the Valley of Darkness, not to be confused with the Valley of the Shadows by Origin Unknown, which is slightly different.

In this episode, Starbuck drops by her apartment in Cylon-occupied Caprica after jumping lightyears across space in a butchered (by her in a previous episode) Cylon raider. eh! At her apartment, she puts on her Stereo and listens to some wonderful music I had to own.

When the episode finished, I managed to find it after only three Googles. This post links to a post that links to a post that contains a link to an MP3 of it. It’s Metamorphosis One by Philip Glass from the Obras Maestras CD (1); my next job is to get t the rest of the CD.

I’ve just found out that Mr Glass also composed the music for Koyaanisqatsi. I recall being forced to watch it by a stand-in media studies teacher one wet Friday afternoon when I was about 14 (around 1986). As much as I tried to resist, it touched me somehow, and I’m pleased to have found it again.

[Edit 2]
It’s actually from his album Solo Piano. Obras Maestras is a compilation.

Sci-Fi channel BSG website
Koyannisquatsi Soundtrack


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