Self employed for 3 years

Exponetic was three years old this week.

Originally Acksys Ltd, it was set up after Vardus – the company that I worked at for 3 years as a developer and Sysadmin – went bust. I managed to persuade around 20 clients to come with me and serviced them independently from the spare bedroom. It was an ‘interesting’ period as we moved into the house in Leytonstone the week I was migrating clients off of the (about to be switched off) Vardus servers and Cathie was 7 months pregnant with twins. OMG that was a hard year.

A year later I moved into serviced offices and got my first full-time staff member (James) but I quickly got fed up with paying silly money for a few desks so I got my own 600 sq ft unit in Bethnal Green.

Karl proved the inspiration for me to move into the serviced offices in the first place. I met him at a meeting and I liked the fact that he

  1. Had big brass balls to quit his job at a decent agency where he had a good job
  2. He already had a small office in Holborn with space for a contractor, if needed
  3. Quite obviously knew what he was talking about
  4. Had an immature sense of humour, like me

After a few meetings I plucked up the courage to ask him if we should work together and after a bit of due dilligence he moved into the Bethnal Green offices. We worked together as two companies under the same roof for a while unitl – after what seemed an age – the accountant finally sorted the merger of our companies, this happended about 18 months ago.

To mark the official merger we changed the name Acksys Ltd to Exponetic Ltd and the rest is history as they say. I’ve learned so much in that time, especially that I don’t reckon I could ever work for somebody else again.

Here’s to another 3 years!

Exponetic web site
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Karl Bunyan


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  1. Evan Bottcher Avatar
    Evan Bottcher

    Congratulations! Fantastic progress. Can I have a job?

  2. Well done fellas! Very impressive, and good to see that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive!


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