SEO considerations for a Flash website

In 1997/8 (whenever it was) I got really excited by Flash 3 coming out; I even went to a do at the Islington Design centre (UK/London) where Macromedia pimped it (showing eye4U and Gabocorp, remember them?) and I got a free pen, woo. I played with it for a while, writing a cartoon strip called Craply Animated Man (that I wish I still had) and I wrote some widgets that tried to sequence audio samples, but failed because Flash didn't work with sounds too well then. I also wrote a few all-flash sites, I even got paid (very well) for one of them.

Anyway, soon after I realised that writing full flash sites was A Very Poor Idea for lots of reasons (one being that I'm a creative retard) and I started doing other things web.

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ost that was coming from an SEO perspective and I really did Laugh Out Loud:

One of the most common questions that I get asked by web designers and web site owners is whether or not they should create all flash websites. The process of making the decision about flash web sites for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes is actually quite difficult, so I took the time to create a flow chart on whether or not you should create an all flash web site.

Follow the link and check out the illustration.

As you can see, it gets pretty complicated, but hopefully you can apply this flash website flowchart the next time you are trying to decide whether or not you should create a flash web site.

A perfect summary.