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Siftware is go


Well we've unpacked all of our boxes (apart from all of the ones in my office it seems), put as many again in the loft and all members of family Beale are settling nicely into our new life. I'm particularly liking the ability to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with the kids especially owing to the fact that lunch is loving prepared for me by my top bird, Cathie.

I've also had a nice trickle of work coming in which is very encouraging seeing as I'd budgeted for none for the first 3 months and the working from home thing is going well though that's no surprise as my first year running Exponetic (Acksys actually, but the name changed) was from the back room of our London house.

A huge milestone was passed last night when I made my Siftware website live which promotes my Web Development and Internet Consultancy services which I'll be providing for SME's in the surrounding towns and cities such as Bristol, Birmingham, Hereford, Worcester, Malvern and not forgetting local Upton-upon-Severn.

I'm particularly pleased with some of the great testimonials from my clients that have been coming in over the past few days since I asked very nicely for them.

A milestone indeed so now I can focus on some of the smaller tasks in my list such as trialing some of the PHP5 dev frameworks like PHP Cake plus looking at the Beta 1 of CMS Made Simple.

By bealers
Darren Beale Web developer & early adopter