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Surprise present for the worlds biggest Victorian Farm fan


S had a lovely surprise today when she opened a parcel addressed to her and it turned out to contain a few goodies* for her birthday from the Acton Scott Working Farm, where the popular BBC Victorian Farm series was filmed.

Cathie had called them up to see if we could have a small birthday visit given how much the kids love the show. Whilst we don’t have a TV they do get to watch the odd DVD and S always reaches for either the Victorian Farm or Tales from a Green Valley (the earlier incarnation).

Unfortunately the visit wasn’t to be as they don’t open to the public until April which was a little disappointing to the birthday girl but that’s all forgotten now as the parcel contained a few goodies and a nice covering letter wishing S a happy brithday.

A round of applause to Shropshire CC (who run the farm), it was a very nice touch.

* note: DVD already ours and book was another birthday present for S courtesy of a local charity shop.

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