Workshops For Web People

I recently heard of a new workshop on The Multipack’s forum called Transcending CSS being presented by CSS don Andy Clarke of Britpack, and this book fame. Not sure what bribes they used to get him doing this but it’s definitely happening and I’ve already booked my place before they sell out.

I also really like the general Workshops for web people philosophy:

Professional & Affordable Workshops For Web People

Learning from the web is one thing but being in a room with a leading light from the industry with other like minded people is infinitely better. Unfortunately this normally comes at a hefty price and requires you to travel and pay for accommodation.

Our Approach

We believe that it is time for a change and intend to start hosting professional workshops, given by experts, put on in modern venues around the UK for around a £100 – £125 depending on venue, considerably cheaper than most. We do not currently charge VAT although this may, unfortunately, change in the future.


Starting in November 2007 in our home town of Leicester and using the Leicester Creative Business Depot’s Courtyard Room we hope to put a fresh spin on the workshop for a price we can all afford.

This all sounds perfectly splendid, and at £100 with a top-drawer speaker and plenty of time for networking afterwards, it’s a bargain.

Maybe I’ll see you there.



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