Installing a new WordPress theme, K2

If you’ve installed WordPress in the past then you will have seen the Kubrick theme. A lot of people who use WP end up keeping the original theme as it looks good, for example Cathie has done just this on her blog: has been annoying me recently, the way it looks and the way that the RHS column hides some of my post content so I sat down tonight to install a new theme to play with and possibly modify. After a quick Google I found out that the guy who did Kubrick has been building a new theme, K2, which adds additional functionality. That was enough for me to try it out so the rest of this post will go though the installation steps.

Grab the code

Looks like it’s been a while since they did a release so I’m going to get the code from their subversion repository.

[code]cd ~bealers/www/
svn co K2[/code]

Now go to the WP admin section -> Presentation and you should see K2 there. Click the link to activate it, then go to the “K2 Options Panel” to configure it.

Erm, that’s it.


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