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OneNote & emoji ūüŹÉūüí®


It turns out that OneNote supports emoji in page & section titles (notebook names too). I had no idea, though¬†I shouldn’t be surprised really; they are just fancy Unicode characters after all. Anyway, I’ve tested this on the full Windows desktop version, iOS and the¬†online web view. They consistently render as you’d expect for the operating system that you’re viewing...

OneNote Sync To OneDrive Explained


To get the most power out of OneNote you want to be able to synchronise the contents of your notebooks between devices and possibly share them with other people. Cloud based save, sync or sharing is a standard requirement for most software these days and OneNote is no exception by offering such a feature. However, due to the smart way that OneNote handles synchronisation and coupled with the fact...

Evernote Page Tagging in OneNote


If you’re coming¬†over to OneNote from Evernote¬†you might immediately miss¬†the ability to tag your pages as you’re used to.
Evernote’s page level tagging is a powerful feature but what you may not know is that you can effectively emulate this feature in OneNote too.

OneNote Synchronisation Strategy


OneNote does some clever things under the hood to provide you with pain-free multi-user synchronisation across your devices. However, a common complaint is that it can be slow to update if the notebook has lots of large embedded PDFs or files. This is pretty understandable if you take a minute to think about it. Adding a lot of new class notes or handouts and then syncing them over dodgy...

Dear OneNote API dev team


I’m only writing this publicly as I don’t know how to get hold of you, and that’s kind of the point.
Sure there are many official channels including your website, Uservoice, Stack Overflow and even Twitter, but none of these seem suitable for certain circumstances.

OneNote on OSX, first impressions


Recently I moved to Apple’s OSX as my primary operating system. It has gone very smoothly with me taking a Macbook Air on holiday (with no work or email loaded onto it!) so I could get used to it and when back I had a few transition days where I did productive work with both old & new machine side by side. One thing I was extremely nervous about was what the brand new OSX OneNote would...

OneNote API and PHP


Recently Microsoft released an API for my brain indexer favourite tool, OneNote.
To say I’m excited by the opportunities presented¬†with¬†this API, especially when¬†it¬†has some more features, would be an understatement. What’s really¬†promising is how¬†open the dev team are being about the API’s progress and out how quickly they are rolling new stuff out.

Strikethrough keyboard shortcuts in MS Office (and others)


I use a lot of¬†strike-through¬†during my day (well, hopefully, I do as I get things done!). Here’s a¬†couple of keyboard¬†short-cuts¬†for¬†strike-through¬†on different digital products:

OneNote:¬†Ctrl + –Roam Research: Win + Y

Word: Ctrl + D (font menu) then Alt + K (tick strike-through) then EnterExcel: Ctrl + 5Google Docs: Alt + Shift + 5

Lync: Ctrl+TSticky notes: Ctrl+T

Darren Beale Web developer & early adopter