Remote PHP debugging

After 8 or so years of being a professional web developer I today finally cracked using a debugger with PHP.

I’ve been a long suffering PHPEdit user from since it was open source and into having to pay (twice) for a licence. Unfortunately I started getting very irritated by some annoying and performance degrading bugs in the newest version. So after a number of bug reports and spending too much time trying to get to the bottom of the problem I just gave up and bought Nusphere’s PHP IDE.

It wasn’t cheap but I really quickly became to like it and a month in there is no way I’d switch back.

Anyway, I’d toyed with PHPEdit’s debugger (which I’m sure does work) but the documentation is sparse to say the least and I never got it working perfectly. But today I decided to try with PHPEd (the Nuspehre one) and got nearly there on my own but had some path issues at the last hurdle.

A post on their support forum and 10 mins later I’m presented with this FAQ entry.

Obviously mine is the the most complicated one at the bottom but adding the mappings as they suggest means that I can still see documents not in the project root and merrily debug!

Kick ass.


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